General conditions for using the sites of the Association “Roma Academy for Culture and Culture”

Please familiarize yourself with the General Terms and Conditions for using the sites of the “Roma Academy for Culture and Education” Association. If you do not agree with them, please stop using the sites.


Art. 1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between the Association “Roma Academy for Culture and Education” in connection with the use of its sites: and (for convenience and brevity hereinafter referred to as Sites) and any person , which resides on their pages (for brevity and convenience hereinafter referred to as the User).

Art. 2. Sites are separate places on the Internet, accessible through their unified address (URL) under the HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol and containing files, text, sound, picture, video, image and any other materials, resources or objects.

Art. 3. The general conditions constitute a legally binding agreement regarding the provision of services by the Sites (owned by the Association “Roma Academy for Culture and Education”, EIK 119679662 and management address, Sliven, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. №34-G) and their use by any User.


Art. 4. With these General Terms and Conditions, IOO-Sofia provides the services of its Websites free of charge, subject to the conditions below.

Art. 5. The services of the Sites include access to information resources and data provided through a web browser.

Art. 6. The user of the Sites, in turn, agrees and undertakes to use the information and services provided only and only in compliance with the terms of these General Terms and Conditions.

Art. 7. The use of RAKO sites does not require prior registration.

Art. 8. By loading any of the Sites, the User agrees to be bound by these General Terms and Conditions and any subsequent changes thereto and undertakes to comply with them.

8.1. RAKO may change, add or remove parts of these General Terms of Use at any time. All changes will be reflected on this page and will be effective immediately upon their posting.

8.2. It is the User’s responsibility to read them before using any of the Sites. By continuing to use the services of the Sites, the User agrees to all changes.

Art. 9. When using the Sites, the User undertakes not to violate the rights and interests of third parties and not to commit malicious acts.

Art. 10. Malicious actions are prohibited. They are (but not limited to):

10.1 actions or omissions violating Internet ethics and/or causing harm to persons connected to the Internet or associated networks,

10.2. sending spam,

10.3. channel overflow,

10.4. gaining access to resources with foreign rights and passwords,

10.5. exploiting flaws in the systems for personal gain or obtaining information,

10.6. performing actions that can be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage,

10.7. damage or destruction of systems or information arrays,

10.8. sending or causing unauthorized remote control systems or causing the installation of viruses,

10.9. disrupting the normal operation of other Internet users and associated networks,

10.10. performing actions that can be qualified as a crime or an administrative violation under Bulgarian legislation or under other applicable law.


Art. 11. All published texts, graphic images, photographic images, videos or sound files on the Sites are protected by the Copyright Act and related rights and belong to RAKO or their authors or holders of exclusive rights of use. Their unregulated use constitutes a violation of the law and entails civil, administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation.

Art. 12. The use and publication of texts and graphic images from the Sites is permitted only when their source is correctly indicated.

Art. 13. For any use, including but not limited to: publication, reproduction, distribution, broadcasting of photographic images, videos or sound files, the User must contact RAKO in advance at the telephone numbers or email addresses indicated on the contact page https:/ /


Art. 14. Of utmost importance to RAKO is compliance with the regulations, good practices and transparency in relations with Users in connection with the protection of personal data.

Art. 15. RAKO’s policy regarding the protection of personal data is described in a separate and special document.

Art. 16. Each User undertakes to familiarize himself with the Personal Data Protection Policy before continuing his stay on the Sites.


Art. 17. Our Sites use the so-called cookies for data collection. The installation of cookies is necessary for the full use of the Sites.

Art. 18. The policy for the use of cookies is described in a separate independent document. Each User undertakes to become familiar with RAKO’s Cookies Policy.


Art. 19. RAKO makes every effort to maintain true, accurate and up-to-date information on its Sites, without excluding the possibility that objective inconsistencies or omissions may occur incidentally. RAKO is not responsible for the consequences, including possible damages, caused by or related in any way to the access, use or inability to use its Sites. All information on the Sites is provided in accordance with current Bulgarian legislation, without a guarantee by RAKO for its inviolability and safety from malicious attacks by third parties.

ART. 20. RAKO is not responsible for the content, accuracy and legality of references to sites and services or resources that became known to the User when using any of the Sites.

ART. 21. RAKO is not responsible for the subjective perceptions and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information resources on its Sites.

Art. 22. RAKO has the right to compensation for all damages, expenses and claims of third parties that are a consequence of a violation of these General Terms and Conditions and/or unregulated use of the services on its Websites.