Panorama of Roma culture



“Panorama of Roma culture”

Beneficiary: Association “Roma Academy for Culture and Education”
Partner: Høgskulen for grøn utvikling (College for Green Development)
Implementation period: 08.02. 2023 UNTIL 04/08/2024

“Panorama of Roma culture”

is an innovative project that aims to promote creativity and attract a wide audience to Roma culture and art by creating and presenting to the public a book and videos containing biographical data and creative products of iconic Roma creators and artists.

A team of researchers will collect and document the necessary materials and information, which will be shaped into a book and videos, parts of which will also be translated into English.

For this purpose, the research team will undergo specialized skills training, which will be conducted by the Norwegian partner Høgskulen for grøn utvikling (College for Green Development).

The project includes 4 cultural and 3 educational events for presentation of the book and videos to an audience in Sliven, to a wider audience in Bulgaria via the Zoom platform.

A book and video presentation to an audience in the Kingdom of Norway is forthcoming.

By its nature, each of the planned public presentations has a cultural and educational orientation, containing two main elements:

Representation of Roma culture and art through its emblematic contemporary representatives;

Conducting training events to increase knowledge about the quality and role of Roma culture and art in the modern development of culture.

Project Panorama of Roma Culture focuses on the role of Roma culture and art in the development of local, regional and national cultural heritage.

With the planned cultural and educational events under the project:

the access to culture and art of the Roma population from the hard-to-reach areas in Sliven district will be improved;

young Roma will be encouraged and motivated to continue their education;

knowledge of Roma culture and art in Bulgaria and Europe will improve.

Activity 1 – Project Management
The project management activity includes good implementation of the project proposal “Panorama of Roma culture”, financial management and control, internal monitoring. For the purposes of effective management and quality implementation of the project proposal, an expert project management team was formed, consisting of:

Activity 2 – Preparation and control of the execution of contracts with external contractors
The main purpose of the activity is preparation and control of contracts with external contractors, which will be carried out by
an expert who will have the duty to prepare and organize the conclusion of contracts with external contractors, as well as to supervise their implementation.

Activity 3 – Exploratory-research stage “Traveling katun”

The activity will be implemented in three stages:
1. Formation of a research team
2. Training of the research team to carry out field work. The training will be conducted by the partner from the Kingdom of Norway.
3. Collection of biographical data and creative products of Roma artists and artists. This stage will start with identifying the creators and artists and establishing initial contacts with them. Conducting 14 meetings and interviews.

Activity 4 – Presentation activity
The activity will take place in 2 stages:
1. Preprinting and printing of a book presenting biographical, etc. data on Roma artists and artists, such as stories, poems, etc.
Editing videos from activity 3 and preparing them for publication online.
2. Introducing the book and videos to the general public. The presentation will be aimed at schools, kindergartens and community libraries. The team will make trips and presentations in the following settlements:

Activity 5 – Publicity and Visualization
The main goal of information and publicity activities is building and maintaining a positive public image and awareness of the significance of the project among the general public.